Luis Juliao

Luis Juliao


Get to Know Me

"Hey there!  I'm Luis Juliao, but most folks call me Lucho!"

Lucho is a proud father of 4 amazing grown children and a lucky husband to a wonderful wife. Real Estate has been a part of his life since childhood and was shaped by the rhythm of a military household that constantly moved. Witnessing his parents navigate the world of real estate through passive income properties and homes they'd transform and sell after their tour of duty was a foundational experience. Growing up amid these transformations ingrained in him a keen eye for space enhancement and value addition. Having traveled overseas in an Army household, he developed an empathy for relocating families and unintentionally became an expert in the art of moving! Fast forward to today, and his nearly two-decade-long career in real estate his success has become a testament to the principles he holds dear - honesty, hard work, goodwill, empathy, and humility. His approach to business mirrors his life journey, intertwining core values that fuel his dedication to superb customer service. 

Protecting your best interests, utilizing best practices, and ensuring satisfaction has shaped his career and he's excited to extend that experience to you! The Space Coast, with its rich history, enticing attractions, and diverse culinary scene, offers a lifestyle second to none. From pristine beaches to thrilling river adventures, this region, home to the iconic Kennedy Space Center, is a global destination. As a waterman, surfer, and nature enthusiast, he's not just your real estate guide; he's your companion in exploring the wonders of this vibrant community. Whether you're seeking your dream home or considering an investment, his commitment to our relationship and adding value to your real estate journey extends far beyond transactions. 

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